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2018 - 2019 Yoga Schedule Sign up NOW

New Session / New Location / New Inspirations

Dear Students, As we move into our last month of Yoga classes for the season, and the heat of July, I am amazed by how time has flown. At the same time, I am reminded and recommitted to being fully present with each moment, especially, but not exclusively in Yoga class.

Practicing Yoga mindfully with deep focus and connection trains us to slow down and be fully in the moment. This is a life training. A consistent Yoga practice helps to maintain this precious quality in our lives.

It would be wonderful to hear what Yoga brings to your life! I am grateful you have entrusted your Yoga training with me. Your interest and commitment encourages us to continue learning, evolving and transforming so that we may become higher versions of ourselves.


Here is what's happening in the upcoming session of 2018-2019:

New location in Talpiot for Sunday and Tuesday classes.

Speciality workshops on Thursdays (in the new location, details to follow)

Bonuses for Students who commit to the next season of classes by July 10th


40 week’s of Yoga

Sundays 5.45-7.00 pm in Talpiot Taasiyah at the new location

Monday’s Intermediate class 9.00-10.30 am in Baka Tuesdays 7.00-8.30 pm in Talpiot Taasiyah at the new location Wednesday Yoga therapy class at 5.00-6.20 pm in Katamon Tuition Register and pay by July 10th for ‘Early Bird’ discount: 2400 NIS for the year or 240 NIS monthly 50 % off Private Yoga class or Body Work session 50 % off upcoming Yoga Healing Workshop on July 10 (Register now - few spots still available for this workshop) Total value of bonuses - 300 NIS Tuition after July 10th: 2500 NIS for the year or 250 NIS monthly

Tuition can be via post dated checks, cash, or bank transfer. Full schedule for the Year will be coming soon. For more information, visit the updated website at

Looking forward to another year of deepening our practice,

increasing our capacity to be fully present and simply enjoying Yoga! With love and blessings, Rachel P.S. Check out my Yoga blog entitled Who is a Hatha Yogi

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